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Programme update!

We will soon announce the full programme and speakers for two days full of panels, keynotes, roundtable sessions, talks, drinks, art and mind-blowing culture. Here's what to expect: 

Art: During this year's conference, you can emerge yourself in art and culture. Art, in all its forms and expressions, has always played a unique role in exploring the complex dynamics between humans and technology. With performances, music and visual art, we will create a space where we can ask questions about how technology affects our lives and how we can create meaningful connections in the digital world. Take a breather from the panels, talks and workshops and get inspired! Interact with a machine that is itself creative with Jan Zuiderveld's Dream Machine, a hacked Xerox photocopier from the 00s, or experience a creative collaboration between artist and machine during Sofia Maria's live DJ set using WAIVE, a generative AI system based on Dutch audio heritage material. 

Education: The long arms of Big Tech have now also reached education. Since the corona pandemic, tech companies' hold on infrastructure and didactic resources in education has tightened considerably. What are we sacrificing by embracing the convenience and monopoly of tech companies? And what has happened to public values like autonomy, openness and putting people first? During the session 'Values-driven education: Free from Big Tech', we will explore these questions and learn how we can change the course in education. 

BAZAAR: During the BAZAAR, you will have the chance to discover pioneering companies developing open source hardware and software. We may dream about an alternative digital future, but we also need the tools to build it.