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Esther Hammelburg

Media Scholar | Senior Lecturer Digital Media at Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Esther Hammelburg is a media scholar and senior lecturer at the Faculty Digital Media and Creative Industry at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. There, she leads the part of the Creative Business programme that revolves around media and storytelling.

Esther researches media (technologies) in our society, with a specific interest in the increasing intertwining of media and physical environments. In her PhD research, she studied this by looking at media use around events and how that shapes live experiences. Based on that research, Esther developed a canvas for the design of hybrid events.

Currently, Esther's research focuses on live experiences with immersive media and AI, new forms of adaptive and interactive storytelling with object-based media, and public digital infrastructures. On the latter, she is leading a user research project for PubHubs with Martijn de Waal.

Photo by Monique Kooijmans


Meet Esther Hammelburg during the conference here: