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PublicSpaces Conference 2023: For a Collective Internet

27 & 28 June 2023, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

How do we build an internet that works for everyone? An online space that prioritises our health, freedom, and livelihoods and is free from the control of Big Tech? During the PublicSpaces Conference on 27 & 28 June in Amsterdam we explored whether democracy can withstand Big Tech and imagined what a fair market with alternative software and ethical infrastructure may look like. 

Together with numerous national and international speakers, such as Ruha Benjamin and Eli Pariser, we explored concrete solutions and tools for a healthy digital ecosystem and worked together to build a better internet. An internet that is owned and shaped by the collective.

Some highlights:

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September 14 - 12:29

Vandaag is de laatste dag dat je kunt reageren op onze openstaande vacature voor Directeur van PublicSpaces! ā¤µļø

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September 07 - 15:06

Mastodon versus X/Twitter bij de gemeente Amsterdam.

Presentatie, discussie, live-demo.

14 september in het Datalab.


#mastodon @gemeenteamsterdam @koen @forumstandaardisatie, @belastingdienst, @minbzk, @avhuffelen #Amsterdam #x

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August 31 - 16:03

In juni opende Levien Nordeman de tweede conferentiedag met een keynote over het zichtbaar maken van ontastbare data. 'Verkenners en toekomstmakers' zijn hierbij cruciaal.

We spraken Levien over de verkenners en toekomstmakers van de conferentie:

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