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PublicSpaces Conference 2024: Taking Back the Internet!

On 6 and 7 June, PublicSpaces and Waag Futurelab will organise the fourth edition of the PublicSpaces conference with the theme 'Taking Back the Internet'. The two-day programme will take place at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. Through panels, keynotes, roundtable sessions, lectures, art and culture, we will work our way towards an internet where we set the rules collectively. 

In 2024, most digital services and platforms are owned by a few Big Tech companies. This centralisation of power does not align with how the internet was conceived. It creates society-disrupting problems. From privacy violations and influencing election results to discrimination by biased algorithms, Big Tech's monopoly affects everyone. 

How do we - as citizens, organisations and governments - regain control of our data and our digital lives? If we want to be able to decide for ourselves what our digital ecosystem looks like, we need to be able to make independent decisions about the design, use and management of digital tools and platforms. During the conference, we will engage with speakers, visitors and artists on data ownership, privacy, interoperability, decentralisation and more. In short: technology based on public values.

Have a look at the programme, and map out your route in advance! 

State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen will open the conference. Futurist Karen Palmer provides the opening keynote, and economist Francesca Bria takes us through a European strategy for developing an ethical digital economy. Also expect contributions from Luna Maurer, Mieke van Heesewijk, Bert Hubert, Kambale Musavuli, Paolo Cirio, Nanda Piersma, Queeny Rajkowski, Barbara Kathmann, Aaron Mirck, Roos Groothuizen, Nastia Cistakova, Astrid Poot, Paul Keller, Toshi Reagon, Esther Hammelburg, Martijn de Waal, Julia Janssen, Jan Zuiderveld, The Hmm, Sebastian Lasse, Marlijn Gelsing, Maaike Okano-Heijmans, Reijer Passchier, Tamara van Zwol, Lashaaawn, Benjamin Fro, Marleen Stikker, and many more.

This year, the conference will be moderated by Roland Duong and Abdo Hassan.

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May 24 - 10:30

Technology based on public values.This is the main intention that will be present during the PublicSpaces conference on June 6 and 7.

As an institution that has the public good as an important pillar, we are delighted to join the many speakers, institutions, and discussions that will all be based around decentralised internet and empowerment over our own and our communityā€™s information.

Tickets are on sale now! #PubConf2024

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May 23 - 12:30

Maak kennis met de keynotesprekers van conferentiedag 2!

Hoogleraar Digitalisering Reijer Passchier zal in 'De vloek van Big Tech' de impact van Big Tech op onze samenleving bespreken en analyseren hoe we zorgen dat Big Tech in de toekomst niet nĆ³g machtiger wordt.

In de middag roept sociaal ontwerper en filosofisch schrijver @astridpoot op tot punkburgerschap met 'Being Human on a Tech Hightide'. Hoe zorg je voor verandering als tech-expert?

Mis ze niet!

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May 21 - 16:53

Ontdek een beter internet door de kracht van kunst!

Het volledige kunstprogramma van de PublicSpaces Conferentie 2024 is nu bekend! Hierin leggen we de problemen van big tech bloot en verbeelden we op creatieve wijze oplossingen voor de toekomst. Twee dagen lang - op 6 en 7 juni - kun je geĆÆnspireerd raken door performances, installaties, film en expo's in Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Bekijk het hele programma hier:

& voor tickets:

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