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Sander van der Waal

Research Director at Waag Futurelab

As Waag Futurelabā€™s research director, Sander van der Waal is responsible for its research agenda, working in close collaboration with the four heads of the research groups and leads of the 14 constituent labs. His focus is on ensuring Waag's research contributes to lasting positive change locally in Amsterdam, nationally in The Netherlands, and on the European level, in line with Waag's principles of openness, fairness and inclusivity. He maintains and develops a strong network of research partners and represents Waag on stage in debates, events and webinars.



Meet Sander van der Waal during the conference here:


During the conference šŸ”„ The Time is NOW! in 2022, Sander van der Waal was part of the following session(s):