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Meet developers and providers of software, tools, and services based on public values at the conference on June 6 and 7. Their products are taking back the internet! The Bazaar is in the Workspace on the second floor of Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Studio HER, Yvette de Wit


Quodari is a Dutch content sharing platform without tracking, ads and harmful algorithms. Quodari is a digital archive and communication tool in one: for public communication, collaboration or sharing information in limited circles. It offers a privacy-friendly alternative for all organisations, groups, associations and citizens striving for a better digital society. 


Murena is a European tech startup that helps businesses, governments, non-profits and consumers make their smartphones and online, collaborative working space productive, secure and ethical. By offering a unique combination of an online workspace and smartphones that are well integrated, Murena supports you in establishing an IT infrastructure that is ready for the mobile lives of your employees, both in terms of productivity and security of your data. Morover, Murena prioritises Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) measures in all their products. Murena is the perfect solution for businesses, non-profits and governments who want to migrate to an IT infrastructure that takes ESG factors into account. is a European, privacy-conscious alternative to Vimeo and YouTube. Use Mave to add videos to your website without collecting personal data from your visitors. Our components allow developers to create a serious video experience with a single line of code, including subtitles and attention to digital accessibility.


Alkemio is built to be a safe digital foundation for collaboration. It offers digital spaces to work together, seamlessly integrated with AI.  Create your own end-to-end digital workspaces with AI as part of a community, to work together to accelerate progress on topics you care about. Purpose guaranteed to benefit society. 

Forum Standaardisatie

We all want to exchange digital data with each other safely and easily. The Standardisation Forum helps to make this possible by testing open standards and prescribing them to public organisations. These standards improve cooperation between businesses, citizens and the government. 

Forum Standaardisatie is one of the first participants of Mastodon Overheid. Mastodon Overheid is the Mastodon pilot environment for a decentralised social media community platform specifically for the Dutch Government. Here, government organisations can discover and use Mastodon, mainly for press and public relations activities.


PubHubs, short for Public Hubs, is a Dutch initiative for online communities where people and organisations can interact in a trusted and privacy-friendly environment, without being digitally tracked with advertising or other (unwanted) messages.

PubHubs has a central login as an umbrella under which participating organisations can run their own 'Hub'. Hubs are basically accessible to all PubHubs users. In addition, Hubs can also make components accessible only to specific user groups.


ā€˜You may have nothing to hide, but you do have something to protect.ā€™

With PublicRoam, you can offer welcoming and secure access to your Wi-Fi network and let your visitors connect carefree. Join the Carefree Connect ('Zorgeloos verbinden') campaign and contribute to a digital society where everyone feels safe and welcome. Let's keep innovating together and invest in improving our online environment.

This campaign is an initiative of: the municipality of Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, The Hague, PublicRoam, SIDN fund and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Many other municipalities and organisations have since joined.

Bits of Freedom

Bits of Freedom was founded in 1999. We influence policy and legislation in support of an open and just information society. We do this through advocacy, campaigning and legal action, in the Netherlands and Brussels.