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Sander Veenhof

Half-Digital Human | Be Your Own Robot

On Thursday evening, 6 June, find Sander Veenhof at Waag Futurelab. During Waag Open: Stay in control of your AR glasses, you design your own conditions for Augmented Reality (AR) together with this AR-artist.

If closing your laptop or putting away your phone means you can no longer escape the internet because you are permanently wearing AR glasses, what are you up against? Curious about the answer to that question, Sander Veenhof has been exploring what it means to go through life as a half-digital human for over 10 years with a variety of experimental applications.

His hands-on research is entitled ā€˜Be Your Own Robotā€™. Because in our daily lives, we don't want to become a willing instrument of Big Tech. You don't want to be controlled by inimitable AI trained on mainstream inputs whose source you don't know. Reflecting on our Mixed Reality future, he shares his experiences, insights, noted problems and possible solutions in the form of articles but also interactively. His fictional app store ā€˜Futurothequeā€™ gives you a speculative glimpse of the next decade with a focus on the choices and configuration options you can use to shape your own future.


Meet Sander Veenhof during the conference here: