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Astrid Poot

Social Designer | Demonstrative Philosophical Writer | Speaker

Astrid Poot creates smart educational products for various museums (Rijksmuseum, Noordbrabants Museum, Stedelijk Museum Breda, Krƶller-MĆ¼ller Museum, Zaans Museum and more), educational publishers (Malmberg) and other organizations (OBA, DOK Delft) that want to teach people something good. She is a philosopher about technology, making and happiness. She is also a designer, artist and author.

Astrid believes that we have collectively turned into paralyzed consumers, moving from one flat impulse to another while clicking-clicking-clicking. As the earth crumbles beneath our hands and we give away our democracy to tech giants and money-dealers. Through lectures and creations, she seeks to turn people back into leaders instead of followers.


Meet Astrid Poot during the conference here: