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Bram Bogaerts & Casper Schipper


Superposition is a design studio that crafts digital experiences that spark a sense of wonder. Superposition helps (forward thinking) brands and organizations bring life and character to meaningful stories, information, data and new creative technologies, in unexpected ways. 

They believe that art, code and design are means to make complex concepts and systems more tangible and aim to engage our audiences on an emotional level.

Superposition is a collaboration between Bram Bogaerts, Robin Smits and Casper Schipper. They share a background in graphic and interactive design, as well as years of experience in concept development, data visualization, visual storytelling, and software development.


During the conference PublicSpaces Conference 2023: For a Collective Internet in 2023, Bram Bogaerts & Casper Schipper was part of the following session(s):