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Judith Lenglet

Citizen Initiative Accelerator Team coach at the Interministerial Digital Directorate

After an entrepreneurship experience in the french public research, Judith started to work for digital public services in the administration. For over a year now she has been working as a coach for grassroots projects and communities that support digital commons. 

Judith is part of a DINUM (Direction InterministĆ©rielle du NumĆ©rique) program that aims at building tools, methods, and experiential knowledge on how those digital common initiatives can cooperate with public services and policies, and together serve the general interest, without changing their very nature. 

On a daily basis, their mission is to create the conditions for those 4 projects to meet public stakeholders and experiment different ways of interacting with them, in order to build sustainable relationships around a shared resource.


Meet Judith Lenglet during the conference here: