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Paul Tang

Member of the European Parlement

Paul Tang is a senior Member of the European Parliament for the Dutch Partij van de Arbeid (PvdA), as part of the Group of Socialists and Democrats (S&D). In 2014, Tang led the list of the PvdA for the European elections. In 2019 he was re-elected. Paul Tangā€™s main priorities involve the fight against tax evasion, digital taxation, sustainable finance and platform regulation. Since September 2020, Tang is chair of the subcommittee on taxation (FISC). Next to that, Tang is one of the co-founders of the Tracking-free Ads Coalition within the European Parliament. Previously, Paul Tang was a Member of the Dutch Parliament. Here, Paul Tang was spokesperson for financial and fiscal affairs from 2007 until 2010, right through the financial crisis. Prior to that, he worked for the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs and the Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis.

Paul Tang received a PhD degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam

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During the conference šŸ”„ The Time is NOW! in 2022, Paul Tang was part of the following session(s):