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Shu Yang Lin

Independent Creator and Designer

Shu Yang holds double master's degrees in Human Computer Interaction from National Taiwan University and Interaction Design from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. Since 2016, she has been actively involved in Taiwan's civic tech innovation efforts, contributing both within the public sector and from grassroots civic tech communities.

As a host of vTaiwan, Shu Yang has played a crucial role in facilitating community-driven public consultations for digital regulatory reforms, such as regulating Uber in Taiwan. Additionally, she joined Digital Minister Audrey Tang in establishing PDIS, an innovation lab within the Taiwanese government focusing on open government, social innovation, and youth council. They setup the Participation Officers Network, a cross-ministerial policy-making process that has hosted over 100 workshops, fostering collaboration and innovation across government departments.

Shu Yang contributes as an independent creator, coding and designing to enhance conversations. She runs communities, coordinates systematic changes, and shapes interfaces to improve deliberation quality. She believes that emerging technologies will have great impact in digital democracy. Beyond generating more words, technology can be used to actually enrich human interaction through empowering individuals to communicate with greater depth, empathy and understanding. With features like realtime translation, sentiment analysis, topic clustering, value-guided learning and bridge-based ranking, we can cultivate an environment where diverse voices are heard, ideas are exchanged, and collective decisions are made among many, recursively. Shu Yang is based in London, collaborating with global digital democracy organisations including AI Objective Institute (AOI) on a platform called Talk to the City.


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