PublicSpaces / Conference

Digital Powerwash šŸ§¼

Is your digital stack in line with your public mission?

May 17 15:20 - 15:50 @
Grote Zaal

Language: Dutch.

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This panel will be in Dutch and live translated in English. 

Score the digital tools you use against a benchmark that uses public values as a criterion.

The PublicSpaces Digital Power Wash is an initiative to help public organizations create their digital environments in accordance with the public values of the PublicSpaces manifesto. Organizations that have already done so share their experiences. How can you ensure that your organization makes a digital transition and makes public values central to the use of digital tools? What alternatives have you found? How do they work? Whatā€™s going well and where are you encountering obstacles?

  • Leonieke Verhoog (PublicSpaces/Digital Powerwash)
  • Sander van Kempen (information and collection specialist at the Royal Library of the Netherlands)
  • Wilja Jurg (Tetem)
  • Gijs Boerwinkel (Waag)