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Opening Keynote: Ruha Benjamin

Race to the future?

June 27 10:10 - 11:00 @
Grote Zaal

Language: English.

From automated decision systems in healthcare, policing, public services and more, technology has the potential to hide, speed, and deepen discrimination and amplify existing inequities, while appearing neutral and even benevolent when compared to harmful practices of a previous era. In this talk, Ruha Benjamin takes us into the world of biased bots, altruistic algorithms, and their many entanglements, and provides conceptual tools to decode tech promises with historical and sociological insight. She also considers how race itself is a tool designed to stratify and sanctify social injustice and how technology can be used toward liberatory ends. In doing so, Ruha challenges us to question not only the technologies we are sold, but also the ones we manufacture ourselves.


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