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Lab of Scent

In his pop-up laboratory Cesar Majorana can capture any story in a scent

June 27 14:15 - 15:45 @

Language: English.

A whole world comes to us through our sense of smell, but rarely do we ask our nose to think with us. Artist Cesar Majorana has a fragrance laboratory where practically any scent can be made. In his lab full of synthetic molecules, he transforms any story into a scent. With input from the participants, he creates in no time a familiar scent like fresh scoop ice cream, a rain shower or sunscreen. Or, more complex: the smell of the Internet, the commons, and public values. In this session, In this session, Cesar will together with the audience develop a scent. What values formed the basis? And what discoveries will be made?  On the side, Cesar shares his vast knowledge of smell(s) special and entertaining anecdotes and facts from the world of our smell.

Cesar will also participate in the talk ā€™Nagesprek ā€™The Sillicon Passionā€™ on Tuesday June 27 13.15-14.00


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