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Follow-up Discussion 'The Silicon Passion'

What are we doing to technology?

June 27 13:15 - 14:00 @
Grote Zaal

Language: Dutch with English subtitles.

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Following the performance of The Silicon Passion, Siri Beerends, cultural sociologist and researcher at SETUP Medialab, will reflect on the state of technology. Weā€™ve known for quite some time that the internet is broken. After the revelation of Silicon Valleyā€™s mass surveillance, their data trading practices, their brazen formation of monopolies, and their algorithmic polarisation ā€“ we like to lay the blame at the feet of Big Bad Big Tech. But what if the problem lies deeper than that? If we want to take a different path with digital technology, we must start by examining the relationship we have formed with it. Together with Levien Nordeman (lecturer and researcher in the field of data, AI and society at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht) and Cesar Marjorana (writer and presenter at BNNVARA), Siri Beerends asks not what technology does to us, but rather what we do to technology.


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