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Dream Machine + Anatomy of an AI System

June 27 11:00 - 16:00 @
Green Room

Language: English.

Dream Machine by Jan Zuiderveld

Motivated by his fascination for the fast developing field of artificial intelligence, Jan Zuiderveld attempts to shed light on the profound processes underlying the AI methods transforming our world by looking at the subject through both a creative and scientific lens. Through his work, Jan hopes to uncover hidden relationships between man and machine, the analogue and the digital, the organic and the mechanical. Above all, he aims to raise awareness of the power of machine learning as a tool for enhancing creativity ā€“ even for those who do not think of themselves as creative. With Dream Machine, a hacked 00ā€™s Xerox photocopier, Jan creates a space where people can interact with a creative machine. Come draw with us!

Anatomy of an AI System by Kate Crawford & Vladan Joler

The notion of artificial intelligence may seem distant and abstract, but AI is already pervasive in our daily lives. Anatomy of an AI System analyses the vast networks that underpin the ā€˜birth, life, and deathā€™ of a single Amazon Echo smart speaker, painstakingly compiling and condensing this huge volume of information into a detailed high-resolution diagram. This data visualisation provides insights into the massive quantity of resources involved in the production, distribution, and disposal of the speaker.


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