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Open Source in your organisation

‘Open working’ in practice with an Open Source Office Programme

June 27 14:00 - 15:30 @
Meeting Room

Language: Dutch with English subtitles.

Have you always been curious to get a taste of what ‘open working’ has to offer? Want to know how you can take the big, abstract ideal of open source and put it into practice at your organisation? During this informative session, we learn from organisations with an open source program office (OSPO) – a group or department that focuses on the development and use of open source software. Over the course of the talk, you will get to know organisations that have either already set up an OSPO or are working to implement one.


We’ll ask questions like: How do you draw up purchasing conditions for open source software? How can you participate in the open source ecosystem and why is that important? What open source licenses are currently available and which ones are important for your organisation? How do you safeguard knowledge and awareness of ‘open working’ in your organisation?


Organisations from different sectors will briefly present their experiences with open working. Afterwards, we’ll divide into groups to pick the experts’ brains. By the end, you’ll have learnt all you need to know to set up an OSPO in your own organisation!


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