Presenting PubHubs

May 18

10:00 - 10:45

Grote Zaal
Demonstration of a new open and privacy friendly social network

[This presentation will be in Dutch, but will feature English subtitles] 

Welcome to a new European public sphere! On this second day of the conference, we kick off with PubHubs, a new Dutch social network in development: what does it take to diverge from the current dominant online platforms? 


PubHubs is open and transparent and protects the data of the participants in the network. The platform aims to connect people in different hubs, such as family, sports clubs, school classes, broadcasters, museums, libraries, neighbourhoods, or towns and cities. PubHubs focuses on reliable information, where necessary using digital signatures and trusted communication, and guaranteeing the identity of those involved. The initiative was launched by Prof. José van Dijck and Prof. Bart Jacobs, who won the 2021 Spinoza and Stevin Prize and spend part of the prize money on developing PubHubs. During this session, Van Dijck and Jacobs will introduce this new open and privacy-friendly social network. 

For more information, visit the PubHubs website. 



Hosted by


Geert-Jan Bogaerts
Chairman of the PublicSpaces Foundation; head of I&DM at VPRO



Prof. dr. José van Dijck
Media Scholar University of Utrecht


Prof. dr. Bart Jacobs
Digital Identity Scholar