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Responsible Clouds

Reclaim control of your cloud!

June 28 12:45 - 13:45 @

Language: English.

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ā€˜The cloud is just someone elseā€™s computerā€™ is a saying by seasoned IT specialists. In practice, more often than not, this ā€˜someoneā€™ is a faceless Big Tech corporation. But it doesnā€™t have to be like that! There are plenty of small tech organisations capable of helping you develop a bespoke cloud or custom-tailored online services adhering to your organisationā€™s values, wants and needs. Using open source software, you can combine a competitive advantage with ethical standards. In this session, youā€™ll meet the experts introducing you to these software applications and services. Put your burning questions to the open source experts and take this opportunity to soar to great heights into the responsible cloud. Fasten your seatbelts!


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