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Pub(lic) Values Pub(lic) Quiz

Quiz - Expect absurd and unusual questions about public values, who takes home the grand prize?

June 06 16:30 - 17:30 @

Language: English.

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How do you keep yourself afloat in the world of big internet crooks? Play along with the Pub(lic) Values Pub(lic) Quiz! Especially for PublicSpaces 2024, artists Roos Groothuizen and Nastia Cistakova have prepared the most absurd and unusual questions about public values, AI, and online activism. How many houses can you heat with an image prompt? How much do you have to be able to bench press to take back the internet? And when will all of our friends switch to Mastodon? Join us with a drink and who knows, maybe you will walk away with the grand prize this evening!

pubquiz-11-credit_Dylan-Vermaas.jpgPicture: Dylan Vermaas