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Writer | Word Artist | Drag Performer

Lashaaawn, a dedicated epic-fantasy world builder, seamlessly blends the realms of writing and drag performance art in their creative endeavors. Beyond their artistic pursuits, they are actively engaged in community building. At the heart of Lashaaawn's work lies a deep sense of belonging and advocacy for Afro-Caribbean, queer, and gaming communities. 

Originally from Amsterdam South-East, Lashaaawn briefly pursued Journalism at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht before embarking on a self-taught journey encompassing general history, pop culture, writing, and performing arts. Their intellectual contributions haven't remained unnoticed and have been recognised through official selection at 31 international film festivals across 15 countries. Recently, Lashaaawn was awarded a Scout Nights development grant by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie. This grant serves as an opportunity to delve into research aimed at amplifying the digital presence of queer and Afro-Caribbean communities and reclaiming (digital) space, resulting in a web series spanning several episodes, performance videos, a physical exhibition, and live presentations streamed on Instagram and Twitch.

Picture: Ies Kacz Portraits


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