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Björn Staschen

Media Scientist | Journalist

Björn Staschen is a media scientist and journalist. He recently wrote the book “In der Social Media Falle” (In the Social Media Trap) in which he provides a clear path towards saving our digital freedom.

He co-hosted the technology briefing "TechTalk24" on Tagesschau24 and ARD Infonacht and worked as a foreign correspondent and reporter for Germanys public broadcaster NDR/ARD. He regularly publishes podcasts and video blogs on the subject. For years, he has been actively involved in the debate about alternative platforms and the organization of our media system. In 2023, he withdrew from platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook and recently started the Newsletter "" to further knowledge about the ideas of decentrilzed networks.

For the book Björn interviewed Sebastian amongst many other people in the field.


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