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Eefje Cuppen

Director Rathenau Institute

Prof. Eefje Cuppen is director of the Rathenau Institute, which conducts research and organises dialogue on the societal aspects of technology, science and innovation. She has also been Professor of Governance of Sustainability at the Institute of Public Administration of the Faculty of Governance & Global Affairs at Leiden University since 2020. She is one of the initiators of Leiden University's interfaculty programme Liveable Planet, which aims to develop new interdisciplinary research and education on sustainability. Eefje Cuppen studied Engineering & Society at Eindhoven University of Technology. She obtained her PhD in 2010 from VU University Amsterdam at the Institute for Environmental Issues, with a thesis on the design of a participatory method for stakeholder dialogues on environmental issues. After her PhD, she worked for 10 years at TU Delft's Faculty of Technology, Governance & Management, where, among other things, she led a research programme on controversies and citizen and stakeholder participation in policy and planning in the context of energy transition.


Meet Eefje Cuppen during the conference here: