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Eelco Maljaars


Since the mid-nineties, Eelco Maljaars has been active in building and managing IT systems based on open standards, using open source whenever possible. As an external consultant for companies such as KPN, ICTU, Erasmus University and Rijkswaterstaat, he has made an important contribution to the design and management of IT environments.

His interests have always included security, privacy and autonomy. So in addition to applying standard (hosted) solutions, he is also often busy applying self hosting tools, open standards and the like where it fits well.

Mastodon was another attempt after Friendica, Diaspora and GNU Social to come up with an alternative to data-guzzling commercial social media. In the summer of 2022, Eelco got involved with Since the summer of 2023, he also takes care of the technical realization of the official government Mastodon server


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