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What's neXt?

Talk - From Mastodon via ActivityPub to the Fediverse or Social Web

June 06 16:30 - 17:30 @

Language: Dutch.

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Earlier this year, PublicSpaces launched eXit: a journey in which a number of PublicSpaces partners have been experimenting step-by-step with Mastodon (which is part of the Fediverse). Some have even taken the step to quit X (Twitter) completely. In this session, we will dive even deeper into the Fediverse! Don't know anything about the Fediverse yet? No worries, after this session you will be completely up-to-date!

Alexandra van Straaten (SURF) and Marleen van Houts (Tetem) talk about their experiences with eXit. This is followed by Manfred Zielinski (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) on the social web, Mastodon, Fediverse and ActivityPub for government bodies. Finally, we are introduced to Eelco Maljaars, manager of the Mastodon servers, and co-initiator of the ActivityClub Foundation - whose aim is 'to sustainably stimulate, develop and maintain the organisational and technical aspects of public (social) networks based, among others, on the ActivityPub protocol such as Mastodon, Pixelfed and PeerTube in the Dutch-speaking region'.

Together with moderator Laurens Hof, Fediverse expert and founder of the newsletter Fediverse Report, we will discuss which other interesting possibilities Fediverse and the ActivityPub protocol offer for public organisations. Of course, there will also be room to ask questions to our panelists.