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Jan Zuiderveld

Machine Learning Researcher | Engineer

Motivated by curiosity and fascination for the fast developing field of artificial intelligence, Jan Zuiderveld tries to understand and shed light on the profound processes underlying AI methods that are transforming our world by approaching the topic from both a creative- and scientific perspective.
He believes current developments in AI will start a shift in the definition of art analogous to what the emergence of photography did in the 19th century. What is the job of an artist? Machine learning systems are showing increasingly strong capabilities for generating art on their own, and conditional techniques are already very effective as creativity enhancing tools, as a source of inspiration and for exploring possibilities. Changing the most creative parts of the process of creation into one of curation.

Jan's inspiration and creativity arises from the space of exchange between people and artificial intelligence. He thinks that interactivity in art stimulates visitors to think and challenge their perceptions of reality, their place in the world, and their understanding of others. Under this basis, Jan's aim is to unveil relations between man and machine, analogue and digital, organic and mechanical. Above all, he aims to raise awareness of the power of machine learning as a creativity enhancing tool and the possibilities it creates for anyone, even those that do not feel creative, to create.


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