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Niels Bogaards

R&D engineer | Co-founder Bookarang

Niels Bogaards has been working at the intersection of technology and culture for more than 20 years. After studying music technology at HKU, Niels worked at MONM/De Waag on a networked collaborative multimedia synthesiser. He then worked at the research institute IRCAM in Paris as an R&D engineer responsible for sound analysis and visualisation tools. Back in the Netherlands, he started Elephantcandy, a company specialising in music apps for mobile devices. In a European context, this led to collaborations with BBC, Fraunhofer and NTR, among others. In 2013, Niels was one of the founders of Bookarang, which focuses on content-based book recommendations. At Bookarang, Niels leads a team of researchers and developers developing technology to read, compare and recommend books through AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Since 2020, Bookarang has been part of NBD Biblion.


Meet Niels Bogaards during the conference here: