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Harold Pflug

Teacher at Creative Business and Communication | Researcher PubHubs

Harold Pflug is a teacher of research, media, and society at Creative Business and Communication (CO+CB) and engaged with the PubHubs project as a researcher.

Harold has a background in media history, media sociology, cultural studies and research, both as a teacher and researcher. After nearly ten years at Utrecht University, he joined the Creative Business programme at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). Heā€™s been teaching courses on media concepting, media and representation, media analysis and applied research skills, specifically design thinking and UX-research. 

Currently, Harold is affiliated as a researcher with Civic Interaction Design ā€“ an interdisciplinary research group at the AUAS ā€“ developing use cases for PubHubs, a Dutch community network based on public values. Also heā€™s a co-developer for a new minor called Story Hacking, helping students to deconstruct normalized or dominant societal narratives and create counter-narratives utilizing futuring, visual storytelling and narratology as a theoretical base.


Meet Harold Pflug during the conference here: