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Spideralex holds a master degree in sociology and a Phd in economics. She is a cyberfeminist and free technologies freak. She has founded in 2006 the  collective Donestech that explores the relation between gender and technologies developing action research, documentaries and training.She has coordinated an international network called "The gender and technology Institutes" developing training and curricular contents for including gender into privacy and digital security for women human rights defenders.

She is the editor of two volumes about the panorama of technological sovereignty initiatives. She also supports feminist infrastructure initiatives such as feminists servers. In December 2018, she joined the Digital Defenders Partnership as new PO of the rapid response networks and their Gender Equity, Inclusion and Cultural Diversity policy.

Some of her work can be found at:

and the books on tech sovereignty are available here:


During the conference šŸ”„ The Time is NOW! in 2022, Spideralex was part of the following session(s):