Public Values in Practice - day two

May 18

13:00 - 15:00

How to deal with the tension between your company's mission and ethical values?

During this session you will get a glimpse of interesting methods and use cases of putting public values into practice. Such as how to wane ourselves of Google Analytics, how to determine an organization's ethical design score, a glimpse at experiments with Matrix and more!


  • Privacy Designer game: Lennnart Huizing (
    What does ‘privacy by design’ mean?
  • NOGA (No Google Analytics) & more by Arjen P de Vries of Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen - a look into the future on fediverse, mastodon and more
  • An online speech by University of Twente by Dan Ionita on ‘Privacy Rating: visualising privacy attributes of online services.’
  • Ethical Design Scorecard explained from the ‘Ethical Design Handbook’ by Trine Falbe

In between talks we will discus public values using prepared statements & there will be ample room for further discussions and questions. Your host during this session is PublicSpaces Chief Community Björn Wijers.

Hosted by


Björn Wijers



Trine Falbe
Ethical design and UX specialist


Lennart Huizing
Data Protection Advisor


Dan Ionita
IT researcher, consultant, and trainer


Arjen de Vries
Professor of Information Retrieval at Radboud University