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Public Values in Practice - day two

How to deal with the tension between your company's mission and ethical values?

May 18 13:00 - 15:00 @

Language: English.

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During this session you will get a glimpse of interesting methods and use cases of putting public values into practice. Such as how to wane ourselves of Google Analytics, how to determine an organization's ethical design score, a glimpse at experiments with Matrix and more!

  • Privacy Designer game: Lennnart Huizing (
    What does ā€˜privacy by designā€™ mean?
  • NOGA (No Google Analytics) & more by Arjen P de Vries of Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen - a look into the future on fediverse, mastodon and more
  • An online speech by University of Twente by Dan Ionita on ā€˜Privacy Rating: visualising privacy attributes of online services.ā€™
  • Ethical Design Scorecard explained from the ā€˜Ethical Design Handbookā€™ by Trine Falbe

In between talks we will discus public values using prepared statements & there will be ample room for further discussions and questions. Your host during this session is PublicSpaces Chief Community Bjƶrn Wijers.