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Book Launch: Algorithms of Resistance

Panel - The daily battle against the power of digital platforms, with Tiziano Bonini & Thomas Poell

June 07 13:00 - 13:45 @

Language: English.

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Our digital world is controlled by algorithms. How can we offer some resistance? In the new book 'Algorithms of Resistance', Tiziano Bonini and Emiliano TrerƩ argue that workers, influencers and activists can appropriate these same algorithms, to use them for their own purposes.

Professor Bonini presents the main tactics and arguments of the book, using examples of gig workers, content creators and activists. Bonini shows practical actions people can use to resist and appropriate digital platforms and their algorithms. The talk is followed up by a discussion where Bonini will reflect together with Professor Thomas Poell on the lessons from the book for taking back the internet. What can ideas like 'platform power' and 'everyday resistance' teach us about how we collectively define and set the rules of the internet? What forms of resistance exist? And finally, how can we support these practices in the future?