Dutch Best Practices

May 17

13:55 - 14:35

Grote Zaal
Examples from Dutch public organizations who moved towards a public internet

This panel is in Dutch and will be live translated. 


More and more people and organizations are aware of the imbalance between the commercial and public space on the internet and its negative impact. They are springing into action and pushing for change. In this conversation, several examples are highlighted of public and social organizations that are taking action to help realize the transition to a public internet.


  • Silvia Smit, Consumentenbond: bringing a claim against Facebook & TikTok
  • Lotje Beek, Bits of Freedom: Digital Markets Acts
  • Oumaima Hajri, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, junior researcher responsible for AI in media practices
  • Ivo Jansch, entrepreneur and software architect: CoronaCheck app
  • Eva Hofman, De Groene Amsterdammer: the experiment in which the app Element is being used to interact with the readers of the magazine De Groene Amsterdammer.
  • Sander van Kempen, information and collection specialist at the Royal Library of the Netherlands: awareness and transition in the organization





Oumaima Hajri
Junior Researcher Responsible Applied AI, Hogeschool Rotterdam


Lotje Beek
Policy Advisor Bits of Freedom


Silvia Smit
Digital Affairs Expert @ Advocacy at the Consumentenbond


Eva Hofman
Journalist De Groene Amsterdammer


Ivo Jansch
Architect Coronamelder App


Sander van Kempen
Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library Netherlands)


Lieke Knijnenburg
Web Editor The Green Amsterdammer