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Dutch Research Agenda: The future of AI

The Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) sets the direction of AI research in the Netherlands. Help think about which societal themes scientists should pay attention to in the coming years

June 27 12:45 - 14:00 @

Language: Dutch.

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic and both its advantages and disadvantages are discussed in social debates. These days, students can have a paper written by ChatGPT and Siri answers your every question in an instant, but also secretly listens in on your conversations. Intelligent robots could be a solution to the staff shortage in healthcare or greenhouse farming. But can humans and robots also work well together? The Dutch Research Agenda partly determines the direction of scientific research in the Netherlands. The starting point for the agenda is societal issues, which we want to gather in this session. What themes would you like to give to scientists? And precisely which research directions should they avoid? The outcomes of this session will serve as input for the NWO-ORC thematic call for 2024.


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