PublicSpaces / Conference

Ehmeneehm with Lashaaawn

Performance - A parody commercial in which we'll hack the system!

June 06 11:00 - 11:10 @
Grote Zaal

Language: English.

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Epic-fantasy world builder Lashaaawn satirises mainstream media by portraying it as a prime-time talk show, complete with commercial breaks and live performances, providing a critical examination of societal norms and systems of oppression. During the PublicSpaces Conference, catch a glimpse of the show through one of its parody commercials.

Currently, as part of their Scout Night development grant by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Lashaaawn is conducting research on digitalisation and societal progress. They address concerns like discriminatory algorithms on social media platforms that disproportionately impact marginalised communities, including LGTBQI+ individuals. Lashaaawn also delves into the role of AI in cultural appropriation, emphasising the risk of cultural erasure with superficial adoption.

To be excluded because of your cultural heritage, gender identity, or other ways of being and expression is beyond an individualā€™s control, and rooted in the oppressive systems of our Western society. Thankfully systems can be hacked. Drag performance for example is a way for the members of the queer community to navigate and bypass the exclusion they are subjected to. To safeguard cultural heritage and diverse forms of expression, Lashaaawn embeds them within their self-created epic fantasy and performance world, serving as a time capsule away from external oppression. Lashaaawn aims to contribute to building the digital infrastructure necessary for advancing and amplifying invaluable artistic and cultural discourse. This work ensures the continuity of their stories and those of their communities, undisturbed.