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PublicSpaces Annual Meeting

Accountability of the PublicSpaces annual financial statements, updates, and looking ahead

June 28 11:00 - 12:00 @

Language: Dutch.

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During the Annual Meeting, the PublicSpaces management and board of directors will present the annual financial accounts of the past year for the purposes of being accountable to its partners. A status update and preview of what is to come will also be provided. We will conclude with an update of the ā€˜Digital Powerwashā€™. The Digital Powerwash is the name of a method developed by PublicSpaces which provides an organisation with insight into whether or not the software used by the organisation meets the values laid out in the PublicSpaces manifesto. The Annual Meeting is open to partners and other interested parties.


Minutes were taken during this session. Click on the button below to view the notes.

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