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PublicSpaces Manifesto Workshop

What values should determine our course?

June 28 12:45 - 14:15 @

Language: Dutch.

The PublicSpaces manifesto serves as the foundation of our activities. The core values of openness, transparency, responsibility, sovereignty, and the user-centred determine our course. But are these values enough? Or are we missing other essential values?


In the PublicSpaces annual report, we determined that this year we want to discuss whether or not the PublicSpaces Manifesto should be expanded. This workshop will serve as the kick-off for this discussion.


Three ambassadors will introduce participants to the values of inclusion and diversity, and social sustainability and environmental sustainability. After this introduction, we will continue to talk about what each proposed value actually entails and how we can make incorporating these values practical. The results of this workshop will be shared with the PublicSpaces board, after which it will be up to them to take the next step.


Minutes were taken during this session. Click on the button below to view the notes.

Show notes