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Fieke Jansen

Researcher Critical Infrastructure Lab

Fieke is a postdoc researcher at the critical infrastructure lab at the University of Amsterdam. Her research interest is to understand how the material impact of expending infrastructures are shaping the management, distribution, and depletion of natural resources. Previously she was a postdoc at the Data Justice Lab at Cardiff University, where she researched the relationship between datafication on labour in the Netherlands. In her PhD she looked at the institutional and societal implications of data-driven risk scoring and biometric recognition in Brussels, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK. Fieke is a former Mozilla and Green Web Foundation fellow where she explored ways to frame the climate crisis as a core digital rights issue. Prior to starting her PhD Fieke worked for Hivos where she set up the digital defenders partnership and at Tactical Tech where she lead the politics of data program. 


During the conference PublicSpaces Conference 2023: For a Collective Internet in 2023, Fieke Jansen was part of the following session(s):