Roundtable session PubHubs

May 18

11:00 - 12:00

Grote Zaal
A panel discussions with the founders of PubHubs, Ethan Zuckerman and different community representatives

How can PubHubs help reduce our dependence on big-tech social platforms? How will we set up alternatives? What do we and our audience really need?


PubHubs is the name for (a) new Dutch social network(s). PubHubs is open and transparent and protects data of the participants in the network. PubHubs wants to connect people, in different hubs, such as family, relatives, sports club, school class, broadcaster, museum, library, street, neighborhood, or municipality. In each of such hubs, a relevant part of one's own identity plays a role. PubHubs focuses on reliable information, if necessary with digital signatures, and on trusted communication, if necessary with guarantees for the identity of those involved.


Hosted by


Geert-Jan Bogaerts
Chairman of the PublicSpaces Foundation; head of I&DM at VPRO



Trine Falbe
Ethical design and UX specialist


Prof. dr. José van Dijck
Media Scholar University of Utrecht


Prof. dr. Bart Jacobs
Digital Identity Scholar


Ethan Zuckerman
Associate Professor Public Policy, Information and Communication University of Massachusetts Amherst


Egon Verharen
Manager Innovation at NPO, stimulating and facilitating innovation at the Netherlands national public broadcasters.