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Sofia Maria B2B WAIVE

A live performance by Sofia Maria supported by WAIVE, a generative AI system based on Dutch heritage materials

June 27 17:30 - 18:30 @
Meeting Room

Language: Dutch.

Sofia Maria is a DJ from Amsterdam who has been a part of the city's club scene for almost a decade. Her experience in event production and management, laying the foundation for her connection to music. Her music is driven by a belief in the power of house to align the body's natural rhythm with the beat, incorporating electrifying elements of electro and breakbeat. Sofia Maria will perform a live DJ set with the help of WAIVE (from Thunderboom Records), a generative AI system based on heritage materials. This novel collaboration with a generative AI system boosts the creativity of the human artist because the artist must anticipate the input provided by the system. Wrap up the day and dance along!

Are you interested in creating music with WAIVE Studio yourself? Check out our workshop, WAIVE Studio: from the archive to the dance floor


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