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The Hmm's Prompt Battle

Put your prompt writing skills to the test! Who will be crowned Prompt Queen or King of PublicSpaces?

June 27 15:00 - 16:00 @

Language: English.

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The rapid ubiquity of text-to-image generators has been one of the most startling AI developments of late. Hundreds of memes, such as the ā€œ9/11 gender revealā€ or ā€œMaoi statue giving a Ted Talkā€, have been generated by AI tools like Craiyon, Dall-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. The pervasive nature of these tools has ensured that prompt-writing  will become a new and valuable skill in the very near future. 

We invite you to unleash your creativity and bring your wildest imaginings to life in a showdown of epic proportion. Our prompt battle challenges participants to generate an image using AI text-to-image software more creative than that of their rival. Participants, ranging from audience members to keynote speakers, will compete against their opponent to generate the most creative image as they react to playful assignments intersecting with the conference's themes. The audience decides who will be crowned Prompt Queen or King. Can you create the most original, funniest, or weirdest AI generated image? Come join the fun to find out! See below which speakers will participate in the prompt battle. Do you dare to challenge them?

Special thanks to the Prompt Battle Team who inspired our session: Sebastian Schmieg, Florian A. Schmidt, Bernadette Geiger, Emily Krause, Levi Ameon Stein, Lina Schwarzenberg, Robert Hellwig ā€“ Faculty of Design, HTW Dresden.


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