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Performance ‘The Silicon Passion’

Witness a debate of Biblical proportions between tech nerds, technology, and users

June 27 12:45 - 13:15 @
Grote Zaal

Language: English.

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The days when Big Tech could get away with wantonly creating economic bubbles and selling users’ data are over. But real regret and change are not forthcoming. In The Silicon Passion, theatre collective De Transmissie search for a way out of the pit dug by technology and for a new relationship with Big Tech. The collective draws inspiration from one of our culture’s most important stories about atonement: the crucifixion. With Bach’s St Matthew Passion, live synthesiser music, audio visual technology, and a parade of colourful characters, De Transmissie hunts for who or what exactly should be nailed to the cross – and what the world might look like after the resurrection.


The Silicon Passion was created in collaboration with SETUP, an Utrecht media lab exploring the everyday future of technology. The version of The Silicon Passion that will be performed during PublicSpaces 2023 will be an abbreviated version of the performance previously shown at SPRING Festival and May Contain Hackers.


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