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Value-driven Education: Free from Big Tech

Letā€™s kick Big Tech out of the classroom!

June 27 12:45 - 14:15 @

Language: English.

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The long arms of Big Tech have now reached the classroom. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the grip of tech companies on academic infrastructure and resources in education has become considerably strengthened. Whatever happened to public values like autonomy, openness, and putting people first? And what are we sacrificing when we embrace the convenience and omnipresence of these Big Tech companies?

In spite of Big Techā€™s dominance, there are still inspiring examples in education where value-driven infrastructure and academic resources remain central, which we will discuss during the session. Together with Alexis Kauffmann (from the French Ministry of Education), Simona Levi (founder of Xnet from Barcelona, Spain), and Douwe Schmidt (a parent at the Waldorf aan de Werf School from the Netherlands), we will explore what we can learn from these examples and whether or not we can change the course of education


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