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Herman van der Plas

Senior Advisor Ministry Education, Culture and Science Directorate International Affairs

Herman van der Plas is since 2013 working for the Directorate for International Affairs of the Dutch ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The focus of his activities is on  institutional EU affairs, education policy and since 4 years also digitalisation policies.  His aim is connecting national policy with EU policies and EU law making and developments within the Council of Europe, G20, OECD, UNESCO, and UN. In the EU context, he is member of the European Education Area working group for digital education, learning, teaching and assessment (DELTA) and also following the implementation of the EU Action Plan for Digital Education 20217-2021. 


During the conference PublicSpaces Conference 2023: For a Collective Internet in 2023, Herman van der Plas was part of the following session(s):