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New Extractivism

A cognitive and visual roller coaster through the complexity of power structures and networks behind our screens and devices

June 27 12:45 - 14:00 @

Language: English.

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In this session on the sustainability of our digital world, artist, activist and researcher Vladan Joler will take us through his video about ā€˜New Extractivismā€™, a cognitive and visual roller coaster that helps us understand the complexity of the power structures and networks behind our screens and devices. This will be followed by a discussion with Fieke Jansen and Julie Chenadec about solutions and strategies.

Fieke Jansen is a postdoc researcher at the lab for critical infrastructure at the University of Amsterdam. She studies how the material impact of infrastructures determines the management, distribution and depletion of natural resources. Julie Chenadec is supporting the marketing and business development at Aknostic. Making the massive expansion of the digital economy more sustainable start with awareness and transparency, by giving people the tools they need to make better choices on how to serve the business more sustainably. 


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