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Paolo Cirio

Multidisciplinary Artist

Paolo Cirio's work is featured at the Foam museum with the solo exhibition AI Attacks, which opens May 30. Starting June 23, his work on climate change is included in the exhibition Really? Art and Knowledge in Time of Crisis at Framer Framed.

Paolo Cirio is a multidisciplinary artist renowned for his provocative interventions and research-based artworks that address pressing social, economic, and cultural issues. Cirio's portfolio showcases his relentless pursuit of justice and transparency, marked by bold actions and technological innovations. He gained international recognition for his groundbreaking initiatives, such as his privacy campaigns to regulate Facial Recognition in Europe and bring the Right to Be Forgotten in the United States. He worked as Internet artist and activist for digital rights for decades, encompassing diverse fields such as challenging surveillance practices, disrupting financial systems, and critiquing the art market's secrecy.

His work extends beyond digital activism, recently including establishing the Climate Tribunal in 2021 to hold major fossil fuel corporations accountable and the launch of the Climate Class Action in 2023 to support those affected by climate disasters.

Throughout his career, Cirio has exhibited extensively in museums and institutions worldwide, earning numerous awards, such as the Golden Nica first prize at Ars Electronica in 2014 and the Eyebeam Fellowship in 2012. His artworks have sparked widespread discourse and covered extensively by global media outlets. In addition to his artistic practice, Cirio is an educator who lectures at renowned universities and institutions and contributes theoretical texts to academic journals.


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