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Stories from the Fediverse

Discover what the Fediverse is and how your organisation can start using it!

June 27 11:00 - 12:00 @

Language: Dutch.

Come discover the power of decentralisation! During this informative session, weā€™ll dive into the world of the Fediverse, the interconnected servers used for web publishing ā€“ an environment in which public values like openness, transparency, autonomy, and people are of paramount importance. Learn how the Fediverse breaks through traditional Big Tech boundaries and puts users back in the driverā€™s seat of their digital experience. Discover the unprecedented diversity of platforms within the space and be inspired by innovative applications.


In this session youā€™ll learn all about the experiences of PublicSpaces partners with the Fediverse. Our speakers will share the knowledge and experiences of their organisations with setting up, maintaining, and operating a public infrastructure based on Fediverse principles. Themes we will touch on include: keeping your citizens informed via Mastodon, starting and maintaining conversations with your readers via Matrix, and sharing beautiful images from the past via PeerTube. Finally, weā€™ll discuss how your organisations can contribute to a public infrastructure based on Fediverse principles.


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