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Erik Kemp

Fediverse Ambassador

Erik Kemp is ambassador of technology designed to empower. Because he believes in the credo ā€˜be the change you want to see in the worldā€™ he has altered his technology-diet drastically over the past years, inspired by ā€˜technology-dieticiansā€™ where this very conference is packed with. At PublicSpaces 2023 he will share, under the flag of ā€˜FediverseFerhalenā€™ or ā€˜FediverseStoriesā€™ the process of this change of diet, and which delicious dishes he discovered when he suddenly started setting requirements for what he did and did not want to eat.

Erik is a logophile (I donā€™t make time instead of I donā€™t have time, because time is ā€˜prioritimeā€™), a long-distance runner (marathons, trail- and obstacleruns), hiker (Pieterpad, GR20) and you can always wake him up for a dialogue on philosophy, culture or politics. He feels like an explorer in a world full of extraordinary humans, languages, cultures, with a special role for nature, which provides inspiration, slowing-down and a deep sense of connectedness.
Furthermore, Erik is an eternal student (Cyber Security at the University of Twente), an active member of the political association Volt Europa and since march 2022 an elected representative in the municipal council of Enschede. More information can be found on his blog:

Unexpected conversations with strangers Ɣnd sincere feedback are for Erik one of the most beautiful presents life has to offer, so please talk to me at #PubConf2023! :-)


During the conference PublicSpaces Conference 2023: For a Collective Internet in 2023, Erik Kemp was part of the following session(s):