How to guide the Metaverse?

May 18

13:00 - 14:00

ClickNL, Rathenau, Dutch Media Rose & TNO

Developments around the Metaverse are early and still largely open. This offers a unique opportunity to guide the developments in a way that can be safeguarded as socially public values. 

It is important to start the dialogue about this early. After all, immersive technologies potentially involve far-reaching economic and legal effects, fundamentally changing social relationships, but also personal physical and psychological consequences. This session addresses the question of how best to shape this dialogue.

At the table: 
Dr. Mariëtte van Huijstee: Rathenau

Wouter Nieuwenhuizen: Rathenau
Omar Niamut: TNO
Natasja Paulssen: Dutch Media Rose
Moderator: Geert-Jan Bogaerts (PublicSpaces)  


With, among other things, an introductory film Metaverse from CLICKNL and MediaPerspectives 

Talk topics: 
New business & applications (opportunities), War-on-talent  (need capacity building), Ethical, Legal and Social aspects (safeguarding European values & content sovereignty), Experimentation (need to work together), 


Round A:  lessons learned
Development of Web 3.0, the Metaverse and other Immersive Environments is still completely open. 

What can we learn from the development of Social Media?
What can we learn from the implications of the network effects of the platform economy? 
How do you guide the introduction of new technologies? 
What is realistic and ambitious at the same time? 

Round B: tools and methodologies 
A social dialogue can take many forms. Which ones fit with the Metaverse developments?
What tools and experiences are there to guide the introduction of new technologies? (experimentation, early warning monitor, (automated) certificates for implementation ELS-policies, By-design principles, etc. etc. )
Work with Frameworks, how does that work? 
When regulation? How, for example, to deal with current regulations?

Round C: Dialogue from Practice
From business, there is a pragmatic need to make the rules together during the game. This calls for a constructive dialogue from practice.
Brief introduction of 'the MoLL' as the core of Immersive Content growth fund proposal, by Omar Niamut (TNO)  



Hosted by


Geert-Jan Bogaerts
Chairman of the PublicSpaces Foundation; head of I&DM at VPRO



Natasja Paullssen
Dutch Media Rose


Omar Niamut
Lead Scientist at TNO Early Research Programme on Social eXtended Reality


dr. Mariëtte van Huijstee
Coordinator Rathenau Institute