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Open Source Education

Workshop - Discover the power of open source and bring Moodle LMS and Wikiwijs in practice

June 07 14:00 - 15:00 @

Language: Dutch.

Google Classroom? Nope! Are you looking for an online learning environment for your school or organization? Bring your laptop to the conference and discover the possibilities of Moodle!

Moodle is one of the world's most popular open-source learning platforms. It allows organizations to set up their own electronic learning environment. Moodle is modular, and there are many plugins available for it, allowing you to customize it completely to your own needs.

In this interactive workshop you will discover how to use Moodle. To do this, we will set it up with open educational materials from Wikiwijs: the platform where you can find, create and share open educational materials for primary and secondary schools. You will learn how to search for content at any level directly from Wikiwijs and import it into Moodle in its entirety with just a few clicks. Then, you can fully edit the content (from the texts to the answers and feedback in the tests) and enrich it with all the options Moodle has to offer.

Bring your laptop and actively participate to experience the power of open source and seamless integrations at their best!