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Keynote - Karen Palmer on shaping the internet of tomorrow

June 06 10:25 - 11:00 @
Grote Zaal

Language: English.

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Join Karen Palmer, the Storyteller from the Future, for a visionary exploration of the internet's future! This opening session delves into how futurism and speculative storytelling techniques can inspire us to shape the internet of tomorrow.

Karen will provide a profound insight into the potential futures of the internet shaped by AI, highlighting the technologyā€™s social implications and the role of speculative futurism in responsibly imagining and crafting these futures. Her keynote will delve into AIā€™s significant social impacts, exploring how it affects social justice, democracy, and cultural dynamics online. Karen will also discuss AIā€™s dual role in enhancing global connectivity while potentially exacerbating social divides, stressing the need for ethical frameworks in AI development. How can AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing both expose and perpetuate biases? And how can they be utilised to foster inclusive and equitable digital environments?

Additionally, Karen will showcase how storytelling and artistic methodologies can uncover biases. Using her award-winning artistic work as case studies, she will inspire creative problem-solving and catalyse community-led innovation. By exploring the intersection of narrative foresight and digital ethics, Karen will demonstrate practical ways to integrate these tools into policy-making and technology design, aiming to foster an internet that truly represents and serves its diverse global users.